Saturday, March 27, 2010


UniFi TM HSBB High Speed Broadband

Some people says it’s too expensive. How many average Joe can afford this?
Other than that, UniFi introduced bandwidth limit/capping which most people hate. They want freedom of Torrent download.
Quoted from TM’s UniFi FAQ’s page:

What is UniFi?
UniFi heralds a new age of digital lifestyle with a faster, richer and more reliable online experience. UniFi is a bundled triple play service offering High Speed Internet, HyppTV (IPTV) and Voice. More information can be found in

What is the UniFi package offering?
UniFi is offering 3 residential and 3 business packages.
For residential VIP5 is RM149 a month, VIP10 is RM199 a month and VIP20 is RM249 a month. Each package comes with voice, different Internet speeds and either a basic or premium HyppTV subscription.
For businesses, BIZ5 is RM199 a month, BIZ10 is RM599 a month and BIZ20 is RM899 a month.Each package comes with attractive call plans, different Internet speeds and a host of complimentary services.

What is the difference between TM IPTV and other satellite TV operators?
TM IPTV is different from other satellite TV operators in that it is transmitted via a broadband network. This gives you added benefits such as not being susceptible to bad weather, as well as fast Internet access via IPTV. Being a broadband platform, you can also expect other IP-based services in the future.
TM IPTV also differs in term of the pricing model, which is an On-Demand approach, which means you pay only for the channels, movies or series you want to watch, rather than pay for the whole package, with no extra monthly fees involved.
In addition, the service delivers Series on Demand such as, CSI past season/Hollywood Premiere, which gives local viewers exciting and extraordinary content.

How can UniFi benefit me?
You will be able to experience the highest speed connection available in the market and this will enable you to tap into many services such as online games, downloadable rich content, virtual interaction (video calls) and an enriched shopping experience (rich multimedia virtual shopping, real time merchant tips). UniFi provides more stable and reliable connections to ensure a premium customer experience.

more information on broadbands

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